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    If you don’t recognize me, type my name into Google but do cover your screen unless you want the people sitting behind you to see you’re looking up filth. I do it all the time on purpose for the people behind me to see. Why not? Live a little, it’s exciting. #payforyourporn, please. I am a self-confessed pervert and uninhibited sexual exhibitionist. I’ve always been a bit (ok, really a lot) of a slut. Not only that, but I lost my virginity relatively young, then went on to fuck every cock I came across. After some time, leaving school than in jobs that bored me, I thought – hmm I wonder if I should just make a living out of this. So I did. I then found my love – Adult Film, where I not only got to fuck but also be the true exhibitionist that I am and fuck on film.
    I am also a Leo; with typical Leonel traits – hot-blooded, fierce, passionate, strong-willed, dominant, loyal, caring and foremost – proud. Furthermore, I’m very proud of my chosen career (that’s right-career) in Adult Entertainment. It fulfills me to know of the enjoyment that I bring to you. So here I am, inviting you all to experience me in person.

    Naturally an uninhibited woman, busty and a passion for filth, I have grown sexually exploring things about myself and my sexuality. Life is always one big lesson, as they say. Now, I’d love to share my experiences and allowing you to explore your own sexual inhibitions with me – in an open-minded, private and trusting environment. Intrigued? Or simply horny? Let’s face it – we’re all horny. Come and meet your Tigress –

    Miss Selena