escorts in paris


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    Our date will roughly last for 4 hours. I don’t tend to keep an eye on time whilst I’m at dinner dates, as I’m usually enjoying myself far too much. I meet you in the evening at a restaurant of your choice or mine. Furthermore, I know many restaurants in Paris and I enjoy most cuisines. We meet wearing casual/smart attire, and we will both act very discreet as I don’t like drawing too much attention to myself whilst out and about with clients for obvious reasons. We chat and get to know one another over dinner and wine and then head back to the hotel where we will relax and get to know one another on a more intimate level, releasing the frustration that was caused over dinner. I understand that booking an escort can be quite daunting. What if the girl that turns up doesn’t look anything like her photos? What if we don’t click, and we don’t get along whatsoever? These are words that I’m sure will run through your mind at some stage. This is why I offer a lunch special and because I love to eat. Especially for free.

    On this date, we shall meet at a restaurant of your choice, or I can choose if you’re traveling and unfamiliar with Paris, I have many favorites. I arrive wearing casual/smart attire, and so do you. We meet casually, just as friends would. There’s no kissing or affection. A Simple kiss on the cheek will do. We enjoy some food and get to know one another, this usually lasts for roughly 30 minutes – an hour. This is purely for the clients that would like to meet me first prior to bookings me for an escort booking at a later date.

    Miss Milica