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    Hi there; Would you like to come to play?
    I’m a fun girl with mixed Brazilian heritage (my mother is Brazilian, my father is from France…)
    I like to think my background gives me an interesting perspective on the world. But the perspective I like most is lying in bed staring up into the eyes of a man or feeling him pushing into me from behind while he whispers in my ears. I love to feel my body being explored and while I may come across as shy when we meet, don’t be shocked if you uncover someone a bit more excitable than you expect. I really get turned on when men look at me and like what they see. Not only that, but I’m very aware of the effect of seeing my tiny size 6 body with my huge breasts spilling out of a tight dress. And I do like it when my body sometimes makes men uncomfortable in public.
    Maybe they think they can’t have me? Or maybe they are worried to be caught staring?
    Well, you can have me.
    And you can stare at me as much as you like.
    I want to be wanted, and if a day goes by where I do not feel your touch, then it is a sad day for me. On a normal day, I like shopping and going to the beach and enjoying life, but none of those things are as enjoyable as feeling you wanting my hotness on you and feeling you craving release. And when I feel your release all over my skin, then it is a good day indeed 🙂
    So come play.

    Miss Donatella